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Hmmm..... [20 Apr 2008|02:08pm]


Is it just me, or does there not seem to be a huge amount of activity/life to this community? C'mon, peoples!   :)

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Fresh Meat [30 Mar 2007|10:50pm]

Hi there. I just joined this community, figured I'd introduce myself. I live in Atlanta. I'm a fully trained wrestler, been training at the WWA4 school here in Atlanta. I have 4 different gimmicks so far that I can work. I'm a willing bleeder. My in-ring style is generally a mixture of flying, brawling, and technical. Main reason I joined this community is simple: I'm looking to network a bit, and maybe get a little leg up. I've worked shows for Rocky King's BWA promotion (had a personal issue with Rocky, though, so can't do those anymore), as well as various shows put on by the WWA4 itself. Now, I'm just looking to work some more. Preferably, something on at least a semi-regular basis; if anyone on here is a local promoter, or works a show that might need/want some new talent, please feel very free to send me a message. Thanks. :)
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[15 Dec 2006|09:03am]

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New community. SOrry if this isn't allowed [21 Jul 2005|10:54pm]

Join wrestlefiles. Its the first and only wrestling filesharing commmunity where you can upload matches and download them. From any federation all over the world.
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[23 Mar 2005|02:11am]

I know this community hasn't really been payed attention to in a while, but, I'm hoping someone could help me. My problem is simply this: my town sucks for wrestling. I live in hometown of ECW great, Tommy Dreamer: Yonkers, NY. I was a part of a fed which went through a few name changes at some points being called Fatal Frontline Wrestling and Entertainment Sports Wrestling (I swear to you, I had nothing to do with that travesty of a name). I was trained by several people in the fed over the course of the year or so that I was a part of FFW/ESW. The gym we wrestled in closed and, due to the unprofessionalism of several wrestlers (myself not included) we all pretty much split up. We were never paid; all of the money from the shows we did went straight to the pocket of the gym owner who only saw dollar signs when he looked at us.

At this point, I'm really itching to get back in the ring. So many ideas flow through my mind about wrestling and I'd love to be able to do them. The problem is that there are no feds that I'm aware of in Yonkers. I ask for the help of the members of this community because myself and 2 of my friends are willing to go anywhere within the area around Yonkers to wrestle. I'm 17 and my friends are both 16. We've all been trained and have a lot of respect for this business that we want so much to be a part of. None of us really have a lot of money and nor do any of us have a car so, we're limited to the areas we can take a bus or train to and we don't have the income to pay $3000 or so to be trained by Johnny Rodz especially when we payed $10 every week for over a year to be trained already. If anyone knows of a fed in the Yonkers, NY (anywhere in The Bronx, NYC, NJ where we can train or bus it) area where we can go and not have to pay (at least not too much), I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
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[09 Aug 2004|03:14pm]

i can remember posting here, about a certain fear of being shot on. well, it wasnt really a fear, so much as a concern. it would seem, that it has finally happened. and i was shot on, by no other, than the Rockin Rebel. not much to say, he clocked me in the back with a chair, as if he were trying to stake a vampire. i dont remember much after that.

Vulpy, that kind of un-professional behavior actually does seem to run rampent in the biz. and to be honost, it makes me sick.
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New [22 Jun 2004|01:05am]

[ mood | calm ]

Well, I have joined your community since I am involved in the wrestling business. I have been a lifelong fan, but didn't start until last January.

I started out as a manager for a federation known as Roc City Wrestling for a stable known as the Entourage. in addition to being their manager, I would train to wrestle before shows and now I am starting to actively wrestle.

My first ever match in front of a crowd was in November of last year against a man known as Hoosier Buddy, and I am proud to say I won that match. Since then I have gone on to lose a battle yoral, and then win a triple threat against Eric "Hard" Knox and Damian J.

I also had a very brief stini in a federation known as Old School Professional Wrestling but that relationship ended quickly.

If you want to know more ask and if you would like to add me to your friends list, feel free to.

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customary introduction [12 May 2004|04:20pm]

Hey, I was a former wrestling student that did some student works back in the old HWA in new york... when the school shut down because of the scandal (if you do not know ask) it left a real bad taste in my mouth and i stopped working.

However, i still go to shows and got a friend into indy wrestling a few years ago and he is now in training to be a ref and has just worked his first couple of matches for the AWA in New Jersey. Another old friend Joe aka JKronic also works there and some other places in the area.

While i am not "in" i stil know some people who are working, and have helped train my friend to ref.

I attend shows in the Metro NY area when i can, but i do not have the time like i used to.
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[03 Mar 2004|09:04am]

What do you think of thumbtacks? Have you ever used them in a match?
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[06 Jan 2004|01:31pm]

its me! its me! its a Tornado D-D-T!!!!

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[26 Dec 2003|10:07pm]

hello everyone, i just joined this community, and i thought i'd better just post to tell everyone i'm here. i live in Auckland, New Zealand , and i'm waiting to join the local wrestling school IPW (impact pro wrestling). unfortunatly, they're still startting out, well they've been going for about 2 or 3 years: they were originally MPW, a division of mania sports fighting, a womens self defence center, but they had differences with the mania management and descided to try and run it themselves. This means that they are still trying to have a ring built and get all the equipment for a custom arena. but once they have a ring, they will resume training, which will hopefully be around late janurary/early february (although i'm starting to have my doubts). everything is a little kayfabe right now, and they don't want to let out too much to the public, as (i'm assuming) they want a bigger impact when they finaly re-open the doors. at the moment, i'm an avid wrestling fan, and try to pick up as much as i can from online forums and magazines, but i'm still a bit unfamilliar with some of the jargon, so plaeas forgive me in advance if i say something dumb, actually, i'd really apreciate it if you could just correct me, as that will make it alot easier for me and hopefully give me a bit of info so i don't look too naieve when IPW is ressumed.

ah, enough of my meek rantings, i'll let you get back to reading other posts...
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Hello All! [23 Dec 2003|07:12am]

First I feel the need to apologize for neglecting the community I created. Truth is, I created this community at a relatively tumultuous time in my wrestling life that resulted in an absence from wrestling for approximately 6 months.

Second, I appreciate everyone who has taken an interest in prowrestlers. For what it's worth, I'm gonna do my best to to make this the most legitimate forum for professional wrestlers on LiveJournal. By saying that, I don't intend to make it the most populated. My intention from the start was to have a place where wrestlers can make connections, exchange ideas, and hopefully become better workers with better opportunities.

Update on scott_st_james

I've been back in the ring for eighteen months now and it's been the best year I've had since I got started. I had a hard time pulling things back together in the beginning, but a babyface turn a few months in seemed to give me a whole new life. At present, I along with the rest of the roster over at Millennium Wrestling Federation (www.mwf-live.com) are gearing up for it's 4th Annual Brawl Games Event on February 7, 2004. This is the pinnacle of all our shows. To say I'm looking forward to it would be an understatement.

Once again, thanks for all of your interest in this community. Have fun!
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I'm New! [22 Dec 2003|05:54pm]

[ mood | determined ]

I am from NY and have just begun to train to wrestle. It has always been my dream and I am so excited. I also am a brand new live journal member and was told to check out the communities. I found this one and am glad I did. Right Now I am not really working within the industry, I did a few promos with a small company, but hope to be a regular on some rosters inthe next year. Im full of engery, always looking ahead. So hi everyone!



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[16 Dec 2003|02:31pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

okay, has anyone ever been shot on, or ever shoot on someone? apparently a particular wrestler doesnt like me to much, because my trainer decided i was advanced or catching on quickly. so he decided to put me in the ring early for a show. the crowd loved me, and now im on almost every show. i guess this pisses him off, because he wasnt afforded the same luxury? but now, he constantly begs Dino to book me and him, so he can shoot on me. if you'v ever heard of the Wolfman, former WWF, WCW, and ECW talent as well as multiple indie, he's my trainer. he trained me old school, and i swear, if he shoots on me, he's getting a busted nose!!! actually he'll get worse than a busted nose, because im also a submission fighter. Wolfy would probably fly in the ring and kick his ass anyway. me o my, i rambled....

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[15 Dec 2003|10:06am]

[ mood | depressed ]

just joined so im doing the customery post. im a pro wrestler on the east coast. been doing shows for the WWWA and SWO, and recently they were postponed till january and february. which has got me pretty down. i have pics of myself in my LJ, just look for the links.

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[03 Nov 2003|12:44am]

Hello, new here (in case you accept me, of course :P)! My name is Outi, i'm from Finland and i'm a valet in training. Well, sort of. Pro wrestling is a new thing here and the school/promotion only started a couple of months ago. The state of the organisation is horrible (promoters cannot be trusted, they say) but i guess time will tell if wrestling has a future in Finland. Meanwhile, i'll enjoy reading about your careers and learn the art of taking bumps :)
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Here's what the Toronto boys are doing tonight... [31 Oct 2003|12:57pm]

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Worcester State College Fundraiser [29 Oct 2003|06:51pm]

Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem – a nonprofit organization – ID # 14-1881344 (tax-exemption pending)
Contact: Eric “Extreme” Goldberg, WAM Chief Executive Officer / President, President@WAMwrestling.org

Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem fundraiser for Worcester State College baseball team.

On Saturday, November 8, 2003, Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem (WAM) will be holding a professional wrestling event named “War in Worcester IV” to raise money for the Worcester State College baseball team.

“War in Worcester IV” is being held at Worcester State College in the gymnasium. Worcester State College is located at 486 Chandler Street in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The event includes appearances by such WAM stars Mike Steelerelli, Zachary Richards, Nick Neighborhood, Chuck Deep, Vicious Virgin, Ruff Ryder, Eric Extreme, Alimah, Apu Naheadalapasapinapedalon, Gryphon, Larry Manilow, Damon Vitale, Dan Tanaka, Puzio, Scott Scarsdale, and Hale Collins.

There will be midgets facing off at WSC.

There will also be an amateur men’s boxing match and an amateur female’s boxing match.

Doors open at 7:00 PM and bell time is at 7:30 PM.

Tickets will be $8 before the day of the event and $12 at the door. Tickets will soon be available at the Worcester State College book store.

Up to date details can be found at the official homepage of WAM regarding this show and subsequent shows when they are confirmed. The site will be updated as often as new information is made available. The site is located at http://www.WAMwrestling.org

Any questions can be referred to Eric “Extreme” Goldberg, WAM Chief Executive Officer/President, via e-mail at President@WAMwrestling.org or by calling 508-754-4230.

Card is subject to change.

© 2003 - Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem Incorporated
A nonprofit organization - ID# 14-1881344 (tax exemption pending)
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Feeling blah [17 Oct 2003|09:42am]

[ mood | blah ]

Training has been crap. Or rather the lackthereof. Having the flu doesn't exactly make one extremely motivated, but then again neither does the state of the NSW industry. I can't even think of anyone who I would even be remotely interested in working for. Nobody seems interested in bettering their product, its all about politics and putting your friends over. Sad. No one seems to care about the wrestling anymore.

It will be good when my trainer gets back from her holidays and we can get back into a proper routine. I think once I start back with my training sessions twice a week, acrobatics, cardio & swimming on Saturdays and going to the gym to do weights twice a week I might feel as if I am getting somewhere again. Might even start running again. I really should be taking full advantage of having that crazy personal trainer living in my house. I know i'll hate him during the sessions, but I'll thank him later.

I'm really starting to miss doing shows. *sigh*

All in good time I guess.

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[13 Oct 2003|05:18pm]
I just discovered this community. I like how this is set. My brother is a Pro. Wrestler in.... WFA Wrestling. We pretty much do Shows in New England. the site is www.wfawrestling.com , check it out. My brother is Alex Arion the Golden Greek.

All of you wrestlers amaze me, and im glad i found this community.
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